How to Upload Files to the Webroot SecureAnywhere account?

Webroot antivirus includes a feature named Webroot File Manager with the assistance of that you'll access your system files remotely. All you would like to try and do is transfer the files or the folders to the cloud so log in to the Webroot File Manager from the device on that you want to access those files/folders. Here during this article, we will provide you the right way to upload files.

Note- check that the pc system from that you accessing your SecureAnywhere account and uploading files thereto, is connected to an uninterrupted internet connection. Also, take a note that there area unit bound limitations on transfering files in iOS devices as SecureSync can’t upload files from associate degree iPhone.

Steps to upload files to the SecureAnywhere website-

  • Visit
  • Open Go to Backups section
  • Select the My Folders and Files tab, ignore if already selected
  • Choose the folder wherever you would like to upload the files
  • You can also create subfolders for managing the files easily
  • Hit Upload
  • Now, do what instructed on the screen
  • It’s done!

You can now access these files from anywhere by logging in to your Webroot SecureAnywhere account on that computer system or mobile device. While doing thus, if you face any problem then contact Webroot client support number and a technician will give you an immediate answer to the problem.

Steps to upload files from an Android device-

  • Go to SecureSync application on your mobile device
  • Tap Files
  • Now, tap the icon for your mobile phone
  • From the list on the market, tap the name of the folder you want to upload the next file/folder to
  • You will now see the list of folders and files available on your device
  • Simply press and hold the folder/file name to check the menu panel
  • From the panel, select Upload to Server
  • Tap More and then Transfer Status to check the status of the transfer to the cloud
  • The newly uploaded files will be synced to your system in Magic Briefcase or Mobile Folders

And if you continue to face any problems, you can contact our experts to get instant and quick support via call or visit our webstite Our team of Webroot product on the market 24X7 to serve you, therefore simply opt for a product and pass away now!